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For Women: How to Come to Terms With Feelings of Inadequacy

Feelings of Inadequacy

Human beings are prone to error, and to err is human. Do you suffer from feelings of inadequacy, lady? Read on to find out how you can feel better.

Here are a few pointers:

  1. Make a list of the things you are good at. Marvel about them. Rejoice. Keep it by your bedside so that you can look at it every morning and start your morning right. Add to your list.
  2. Improve the skills you are not expert at. This could be done by taking help of online tutorials or devoting some time to yourself and practicing in the weekend. It could be programming, singing, dancing, painting, novel-writing – anything you want to improve on.
  3. Talk to your hubby or a close friend about it. See what ideas you can gather. He will help you to look at the bright side of your aspects.
  4. When we first start to work on anything, we will naturally be filled with feelings of inadequacy. We will not know how to start or even if we start, we will not know the next step. Or, we will have problems completing a project. To beat the feelings of inadequacy, search online or research your topic or niche. You will surely start to get clues. Also, you can ask for help from time to time but not too frequently.
  5. If you are not clear about what to work on or if you have doubts or unclear concepts somewhere, talk to your boss directly. Have a flowing conversation and get clear about the project you have to work on.
  6. If you don’t feel at home with projects in your department, research on the company’s website. There may be another department where your skills and passions may be realized. If you really find one, again talk to your boss if a change of department is possible.
  7. If you think your workplace is taking all your time away and you can hardly give time to your family, switch your job to part-time, if possible. And also work on a side income stream from home at your convenient times. That way you can give ample time to your family.
  8. In the worst case, if you struggle every day with your work projects getting nowhere with no leads, you may think of looking for another job which best suits your skills and expertise. If you find such a one, quit the current job.

Summing up, I have covered eight ways you can stop feeling inadequate and go about your own directions to feel better and confident about yourself.

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