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For Women: Finding Motivation – How to Stop Being Complacent


Are you smug and contented with your life? Just doing routine work? But there’s more to life than this. What is it? Read on to find out.

Doing routine work can be dropping your kids to school, going to work, picking up your kids from school, going for grocery shopping, returning home, cooking and serving your family, doing the dishes and retiring to bed. All this is mundane. You deserve a life better than this. So, stop being complacent. Below I give a few tips on how you can find motivation amidst your regular life. Here they are:

1. Cut a clean and good joke, which you have recently heard, with your family at the dinner table and make everyone in your family share a good round of laughter.

2. After the kids fall asleep, hold a fun conversation with your hubby. Of course, you will talk about problems. After their solutions are sought through discussion, hold a light, jolly conversation with your spouse and feel really good and merry.

3. Before you go to sleep, read that novel you have bought sometime ago. Read a few pages and hold your interest until you start yawning. Then retire to bed.

4. Wake up early in the morning to make good breakfast. Make something nutritious your kids and hubby enjoy eating. Then you all can leave home, feeling jubilant to start the day.

5. In the weekend there is more time to motivate yourself. Engage your entire family in cleaning and tidying the home. Give them new mops, vacuum cleaners, sponge, fresh soap, vixol cleaners etc. to uplift their interest in cleaning. Once you have done it unitedly, at the end, there will be an immaculate and cozy home.

After everyone has showered, ask them to put on good outfits for going outside. Take your family for a ride to a good restaurant about which you have heard from friends. Taste the food there and relish.

Come back home. Go for a nap if you like.

In the evening sit down in the living room with your family to watch a comedy or a funny cartoon and enjoy a good guffaw together. The next day of the weekend you may spend some “Me Time” for yourself. You can go to the parlor for pedicure, manicure, facial masking and a good haircut.

With the new look, go to work again and see how your colleagues react. Most probably they will compliment you, and you will be inspired. You start your week right.

Summing up, you do not have to be complacent with your life. You tweak around, following the tips in this article, and find the mojo of life after you have stimulated yourself. Gotcha?

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