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How to Protect Your Dress After Use

Protect Your Dress After Use

As we all know how expensive it is to buy a formal dress, it becomes important to protect it after use. Either for later use or to keep the memories of the occasion in which you wore it. If you protect your dress properly, it won’t lose its shape and probably fit you later too, which makes it quite important to be protected.

There are three steps you need to follow to preserve your dress for years after its use, and all of them are mentioned below:

1) The first step is to clean it properly before you fold it. This must be done carefully so that the dress won’t get damaged. It is advisable to get your formal dress cleaned by a good company. This can help in the proper washing of the dress. If the dress is too fancy, getting it cleaned and dried from a good dry cleaner company is more favorable, since they are more experienced than most of us. But if you think you can clean and dry your dress by yourself, then using cold water and a good detergent is the way to go. Don’t forget to properly dry the dress before you start folding and packing it for later use.

2) The second step is to fold it properly. If you are going to use the dress again soon, then letting it hang within your almirah should be preferred, but if you are keeping it for later use sometime in the future or to keep it for memories, then you should fold it in a way that there are no creases on the dress in the future. It should be folded and kept comfortably without applying pressure to any side of the dress. Remember to keep the dress in a place where there is no regular disturbance and a place where children can’t get their hands on since they might mistakenly damage the dress.

3) The third and most important step is to pack the dress. You should pack your dress into the same wrapper in which you bought it since these wrappers are made especially for these types of dresses only and help them live longer for later use. The wrapper also protects the dress from getting dusted and also from moisture. This makes the wrapper one of the most important packing methods you should use to pack your dress. However, many times, the wrapper is not available for the dress, or you kept it at a place and forget where you put it. When you don’t have a wrapper for packing in cases like these, you can easily buy it from a nearby dress store. You can easily show them the dress you want to preserve for the future, and they will give you a wrapper for the formal dresses accordingly.

Now that you know to preserve your dress, don’t forget to change its wrapper after regular intervals like every two years so that the dress remains protected. You can easily find new wrappers similar to old ones in a nearby designer dress store.

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