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Spring 2018 Highlights on Uniqueness of Silver Jewelry That Is Incredibly Stylish

Silver Jewelry

Keeping up to date in the nowadays world is not easy as the fashion trends keep changing. This is more challenging if you are looking for new silver accessories or jewelry. The trends of jewelry offer the latest designs and now here you can know about handmade jewelry that will be in demand for the 2018 summer.

Handmade silver jewelry suits special occasions and everyday outfits. The handmade jewelry is popular and the trends emerge among individualized pieces.


The most important among handmade Jewelry for this summer is its uniqueness. This time the trend is with adding more jewelry as better.

The sterling silver engagement ring has gained popularity against gold. It is not that the gold rings are not valued, but silver engagement rings have made their special unique place. These lovely and delicate rings make a stunning betrothal. The sterling silver rings are in gold 18k setting with a white diamond. It looks beautiful.

Following this trend is simple. It is surely unique jewelry. It is a handmade jewelry piece, so it is a bit difficult to find similar pieces. The handmade jewelry also includes awesome accessories that are not only interesting, but also unique and incredibly stylish.

Nature Motifs

Nature motifs, the name itself makes the concept clear. Yes, it has trees, butterflies, birds, turtles, flowers and so on relating the nature in the jewelry items. Inspiration from the nature is endless as it is the creator of beauty. The nature motifs this year are the handmade jewelry core idea.

In association with the transition, the hallmarks of the silver jewelry trends are focusing towards nature-friendliness, energy efficiency, smart consumption and green energy that are nature based. The nature featuring jewelry is becoming noticeable items.


The bangles are made using palm green genuine leaves embedded into resin as a bracelet. The cuff bracelets feature bird design and the women bangles feature hand drawn birds. These can be ideal bird lovers or nature lover’s gift.

Natural materials

With everything going towards handmade and nature, the materials used in creating jewelry also is natural. The natural materials used in handcrafter jewelry this year, 2018 summer will include leaves, wood, natural fibers and leather.

In fact, seashell pendants, dragon fruit rings, birch bark hair clips, peacock feather earrings, strawberry slice necklaces and amber bracelets will be masterpieces jewelry. The reason for its prominence is that they are real and truly beautiful, besides being cheap.

Statement jewelry will be prominent as usual with big rings and earrings, statement necklaces and bracelets. Making a bold statement through jewelry is easy and it adds personality and interest to your outfit. However, modern jewelry pieces glamorize your wardrobe, so stay ahead and wear handmade jewelry this summer.

The truth is that even the uncut minerals are in momentum. There will be stones and raw materials used in jewelry. This year, the silver jewelry will have beautiful pieces and the necklaces, earrings or bracelets will have some of your known natural elements that you will feel very much connected to the Mother Nature in 2018.

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