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Latest Jewelry Trends in Silver Jewelry That Are Way More Personal and Distinct

The seasons of silver jewelry continue and to start with are the girl and celebrities turning towards jewelry that are personal and distinct. These range from layer pendant necklaces to gold hoops in different sizes and also the statement rings narrating a story.

Investing in silver jewelry and the latest jewelry pieces are sure to get mileage a lot and the advantage is that it can be worn every day. To name a few are:

· Layered pendants allow the choice to mix and match boldly.

· The statement rings are allowed to stay stacked in style.

· Gold statement hoops can be worn as one and not many.

· Chain link chunky bracelets to wear one on each wrist

Wearing jewelry pieces such as rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces play a crucial role in enhancing your elegance and in increasing your beauty as a woman. You may choose jewelry piece complementing that you wear or your attire and also provides you with stunning look so that you impress others with ease. The jewelry pieces differ and you can find recently the silver jewelry has taken a prominent place even during occasions. There are stylish and trendy jewelry pieces and some are truly breathtaking. The designs are elegant and present the new trend.

Tropical Design

The summer 2018 is for tropical jewelry design. The mix of floral, colorful, fruits or forests are found to be inspired in the silver jewelry pieces and these are sure to brighten up this summer your smile.

Sculptures Design

The jewelry of sculptures design can be seen floating the market with new designs from different artists. This year you can see the extent of human’s minds and how they take you beyond the physical selves.

Layering Design

Layers are not new, yet layering always retains its charms in silver jewelry. The necklaces coming as multiple layers or even if you can mix and match different lengths necklaces, it is sure to be a complimentary style. Keeping more of silver jewelry in layers and adding the combination of silver and stone or silver and wood makes layering design more special. Mix your necklaces with new styles and for 2018 create interesting new looks.

Natural Pearls Design

Among the gemstones available, the pearl is unique. With the coming of a new year, 2018, silver jewelry has set a new trend of having the pearl studded in silver jewelry. The pears that are formed within a living being entirely also look amazing evoking a style, sophistication and opulence when worn.

Mix and Match Design

A biggest trend in jewelry is that you need to wear a lot. It is an eclectic approach like decorating a home. You can also make a random choice or give a good thought and keep it balanced. Now with the latest silver jewelry trends it is all between wearing multiple or layered necklaces, stacking bracelets and statement pieces.

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